Patreon Exclusive Series

Name # of Videos Total Runtime Started Updated Wiki
Chili Fucks Unreal Engine 4 8 7:03:03 Oct 9, 2016 Apr 10, 2017 wiki
This series chronicles Chili's journey through the atrociously-documented world of Unreal Engine 4 C++ development. It is not a tutorial per ce, but rather a candid look at how someone might go about learning a new platform. Expect many expletives.
ASM and Chill with Chili 3 3:27:44 Dec 28, 2016 Feb 5, 2017 wiki
This series features Chili messing around x86 assembly programming while thinking out loud and giving various narrations and sporadic explanations. We will start off with 16-bit DOS assembly under TASM/DOSBox, and then perhaps move onto some supervisor mode (operating systems programming) stuff under MASM 32-bit x86 or x64 via VirtualBox.
Slide Fucker 3000 7 5:59:46 Apr 29, 2017 Oct 22, 2017 wiki
In this series Chili endeavors to create an AI agent in C++ that can solve a classic puzzle game (8/15/24 sliding puzzle). This agent will not only solve the base problem, but will also be able to use computer vision to read the puzzle state from the screen (with OpenCV), and use input automation to enter the solution into the game (with AutoIt). There will be no reversing/process manipulation involved; the agent will be required interact with the game just as a human user would.
Ultimate Challenge Solutions 1 0:48:16 Oct 5, 2018 Oct 5, 2018 wiki
In-depth algorithm and code review of 'Ultimate' solutions for Planet Chili coding challenges